To my Newgrounds fam

2016-11-20 22:35:45 by P-Balla


To all my friends in the Newgrounds Audio community: I've been pretty much inactive around these parts for the last few years, but I'm still making music. I recently dropped a short, six track EP with a friend of mine titled 'Venture Capital'. Please check it out if you have a minute free. It's available for sale as a download or in CD format on Bandcamp at

I've also got music available for free streaming on Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, etc. Just do a search for 'Pat Psyfa' on any of these platforms and you will find me. You can also find other tracks available for free streaming on Soundcloud at

You can find some visuals on YouTube at

Although I haven't been submitting here lately, I still lurk around the Hip Hop portal looking for new music. Please hit me up with links to check out!

Social media links:

New Music

2015-04-27 02:08:13 by P-Balla

Its been a minute since I've logged on to NG!

I'm still making music (although under a new pseudonym - Pat Psyfa). If anybody out there stumbles across my page whilst reminiscing on the old days, be sure to follow these links to my latest music:


- P.

2010: P. Rock's Year

2010-02-14 02:02:27 by P-Balla

Down N Dirty Entertainment presents P. Rock: back with a brand new, re-designed and established image, flavour, and style.

Stay posted because this year you'll see exclusive footage from live shows and links for new music will be uploaded soon.

2010: P. Rock's Year